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Fashion Design is the art of applying design concepts and aesthetics to clothing and accessories.
Fashion Design

Fashion Design is a lot more than just creating clothes. Most institutions focus just as much on the theoretical concepts of fashion. This means learning about the history of fashion and locating pieces in specific time periods.

Fashion designers attempt to design clothing and accessories that are functional and wearable, as well conveying a particular style and brand. The subject includes all aspects of the design process from the initial theory and research, through to clothing production. 

Skills learnt in a fashion Design Degree include not only technical and theoretical tools, but creativity and problem solving. Being in the information age where any piece of knowledge can be accessed freely, creativity is a skill that employers are constantly seeking.

Many courses also allow you the freedom to build up a collection of pieces year by year. The work load and number of pieces in your collection will also build up. This means you become increasingly competent in your skill set, and will be ready to work in a design business or start your own, by the end of your studies. 


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