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Are you creative, organised and love to entertain? If so, a career in Event Management may be perfect for you!
Event Management

Event Management is the application of project management skills to the development of events such as festivals, concerts, conferences and sporting events. This requires skills in a wide variety of areas – in order to pull off a successful event, you must study your target audience, create the concept for the event, plan and coordinate how the event will run, market the event and finally, make sure that the event is executed according to your client’s wishes. 

A part of Event Management is not only learning how to run an event, but how to manage workers and insure they are working as efficiently as possible. You will become capable to run small to large-scale events. For example, you could be learning how to run a small-scale badminton tournament one day, and then working on how the Olympics are managed the next.

One reason why Event Management is so rewarding- is many courses require compulsory work experience in the field. This allows you to apply your theoretical learning to real world experience and you may get to even intern at some of your favourite artists’ concerts! 

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