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European Studies » Overview

From Michelangelo and Einstein to the Royals and the Mona Lisa - European history, culture, language and arts, are ready for you to explore.
European Studies

European Studies involves looking at all different areas of European culture, from art and history, to film, music, philosophy and politics. It is up to the student to consider whether they want to study a course with a European theme, for example, European politics, or whether they want to approach the subject in a broader manner- looking at culture or languages. Europe is an area that is truly diverse in its cultures, languages and literature, which makes it an interesting subject to study.

 It is also important to understand the significance of Europe and the influence it has had on the way we as New Zealanders live today, as well as the role it will play in our future. Studying European Studies is extremely rewarding because you get to learn about the ways it has influenced our Country. Learning about the history of Europe is almost as good as reading an adventure story.

Studying European Studies, could lead you onto a career in international trade relations or in the government sector, the opportunities are vast and exciting.