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Good versus evil, right versus wrong. Do you consider yourself to have good judgement in difficult circumstances?

Ethics is about the construction of morals, and what different societies consider right or wrong. Studying Ethics will provide you with the appropriate skills and knowledge that will make you into a confident and rational decision maker and help you to become a great leader. This will add credibility to you as a professional. Whether you work in Law, Management, Teaching or Accountancy; someone who does the ‘right’ thing is always respected and held in high regard.

Ethics has a philosophy based core and you will be analysing different notions of justice and the common ‘good’ across time. You will discuss issues of morality and different theories of human nature.  Ethics is a very useful subject for the workforce, especially those of you hoping to get into a sector such as Social Work or Human Rights advocacy.

Apart from your career, Ethics is extremely useful for everyday problem solving. Studying Ethics will give you a new perspective on life and make you question the construction of values and morality.