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Are you the sort of person who is not motivated by office work? Do you love horses? If you’re a ‘stable’ kind of person, Equine courses may be just your thing!

The Equine industry is huge in New Zealand. Taking a course in the subject will provide you with the knowledge and skills to meet current and future industry demands. Equine courses combine animal husbandry, agriculture and agronomy (the science and technology of producing and using plants for animal feed). 

Equine can be studied at certificate level or under a Bachelor of Agriscience, majoring in Equine. Studying Equine opens doors for a wide range of career opportunities. For example, you could find your way into the Primary Industries Sector working. If that doesn’t sound like quite your cup of tea, you could be led into breeding, racing or sports organisations.

Equine teaches you relevant knowledge by combining theoretical and practical learning. Your learning will be balanced between the classroom and outdoors, so you can apply theoretical knowledge to real world problems.