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Environmental Studies » Overview

The interaction between society and the environment is a fascinating subject, which has never been more important than now.
Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies is a multidisciplinary field which incorporates Geography, Geology, Geophysics, Development Studies, Public Policy, Law and Management. Environmental Studies is the in-depth examination of how humans interact with the environment. It joins concerns about the environment and conservation with our continuous drive for human development.  

Environmental Studies is particularly interested in the tug of war between the environment and the economy. This is a pressing issue, as natural resource exploitation is at an all time high. Taking Environmental Studies, means learning perseverance and patience. The environmental issues facing the world at the moment do not just involve one simple fix, but constant problem solving across time. These issues are what social researchers call ‘wicked problems.’ Wicked problems do not have one solution but have to be constantly resolved again and again.

Environmental Studies being so interdisciplinary means that it can be studied at some Universities under a Bachelor Arts or a Bachelor of Science. This means that no matter what side of the brain you’re inclined to using, you can still study this captivating subject.

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