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Environmental Science » Overview

Environmental sustainability is the biggest issue facing planet Earth right now – what can we do about it? Studying Environmental Science aims to help find the answers.
Environmental Science

Environmental Sciences is the study of our environment as well as our role in its management. It seeks to investigate how the pressures and impacts on our physical environment are increasing as the human population grows and we continue to utilise natural resources in ever increasing amounts not sustainable with current development. 

New Zealand has an abundance of Natural resources however, is seeing an increasing depletion of them. Our 100% pure New Zealand image, is becoming only an illusion with our water ways, pollution and oil drilling, at an all time high. Environmental Science explores these problems and puts forward sustainable energy solutions.

Environmental Science is very rewarding to study, as you will be tackling real world issues. Not only this, but your theoretical learning will be matched with field work – so you can apply practical examples to all you learn in class.

Environmental Science is usually taken as a major under a Bachelor of Science. There are a wide range of careers which can lead on from this- including becoming a policy advisor, coastal manager, biodiversity developer, agricultural scientist or a soil and water specialist.

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