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Environmental Planning » Overview

What can we do to conserve our natural environment? How can we balance this with our economy? Environmental Planning aims to answer both of these questions.
Environmental Planning

Environmental Planning deals with the natural and urban aspects of the world around us. Environmental Planners design plans for our future. They mediate conflict within and between natural and human systems and aim to create innovative design plans that benefit all elements within these systems. Environmental Planning looks at how we interact with nature and offers alternative ways of dealing with our natural resources that have the least amount of negative impact. 

Environmental Planning combines urban planning with natural planning. Urban planning is concerned with public spaces, buildings and roads, while natural resource planning deals with how to make the best use out of everything in the natural world.

One of the main challenges of Environmental Planning, is problem solving ways to find a balance between the urban world’s resource needs and environmental rejuvenation. This includes finding sustainable ways to run a city without depleting natural resources any further. With climate change beginning more of a pressing issue, environmental planning is becoming more focused on how to encourage more sustainable ways of living.

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