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Environmental Management » Overview

As the world becomes more populated and developing countries struggle towards equality with the developed world, there is more demand than ever on our natural resources and environment.
Environmental Management

Environmental problems such as air and water pollution and global warming are becoming of greater concern. These concerns raise questions on sustainability, efficiency and equity. This is where Environmental Management steps in. Environmental Management aims to identify and manage environmental problems by minimising the impact of society on the environment.  

This includes soil erosion, climate change, deforestation and waste management. You can also take your passion for sustainable solutions further with postgraduate study. After you have completed a degree in a similar field, you may be accepted into an Honours Degree, or Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Management.

A Postgraduate degree in Environmental Management, includes channelling your specific interests into things such as ecology, sustainable development, cultural influences and economic and policy options. This could lead onto a career as an environmental policy advisor or an environmental management advisor in a business.

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