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Skills acquired through the study of English are versatile and transferable. The discipline of English is consistently exciting and challenging and the knowledge of literary and media texts that you will gain can open many career pathways.

Study in English inspires Independent and creative thinking that expands the mind and provides insight into human behaviour and interaction. By focusing on different texts as your main learning tool, you will gain the skills to think laterally and critically; skils are relevant in many different circumstances. You will also become familiar with language and how to best communicate in an articulate and accurate manner.

Because English is one of the most widely taken subjects at secondary school level, there is a great demand for skilled and knowledgeable teachers. Knowledge of English will also aid in the teaching of other school subjects - reading, writing and speaking form a base for the majority of teaching and learning. 

Topics you may cover

  • Poetry: studying a number of forms and styles of poetry including completing writing exercises to extend and develop student’s competencies.
  • Creative writing: looking at the skills and techniques that students need to turn ideas and words into art.
  • New Zealand Literature: specifically studying New Zealand literature from past to present and the impact that Maori writing has had in New Zealand. 

English Language Acquisition

Whatever their reason for coming to New Zealand, there are many people living here who do not have English as their first language and many different reasons why they want to learn the language. English Language Acquisition courses are designed to help you teach English to the many New Zealand residents that are not proficient in the language. 

Topics you will cover

  • English language skills
  • Linguistics: how language develops
  • teaching skills: learning about how people learn and the best ways in which to explain concepts in ways that can be easily interpreted and stored.
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