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Energy Studies and Energy Management » Overview

Energy, from the Ancient Greek, translates as 'activity, operation' - and it is recognised as essential to our every day lives.
Energy Studies and Energy Management

Energy is a vital component of our everyday lives in New Zealand. Energy Studies and Energy Management look at how we can make the best use of our present and future energy sources. This involves learning about how we harness and use energy and the technical, economic and social factors that influence its demand. It is also concerned with critically examining negative economic and environmental impacts of energy consumption. 

Energy Studies can be studied under a range of degrees, such as a Bachelor of Science, or a diploma of Sustainable Energy. Studying Energy Studies and Management incorporates a wide range of disciplines including Physics, Maths, Geography and Electronics. You will be encouraged to problem-solve and think outside the box in order to think of possible solutions to real problems.

Energy Management tackles poignant issues such as how to reduce carbon emissions in order to combat climate change. This will involved studying more sustainable energy options and how these can more effectively source the planet’s energy needs. 

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