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The area of Electronics is changing rapidly and, as an industry, is experiencing worldwide growth. The study of Electronics incorporates a lot of different technologies such as radio and lasers. Studying Electronics will give you core skills in electronics engineering and design.

You will develop an understanding of analogue, digital and computer electronics. This entails learning how to design and use electronic devices and components. An electronic component refers to any physical aspect of an electronic system that is used to manipulate electrons into performing the function/s of the electronic system. Components usually work together and are soldered together into circuits.

Topics you may cover

  • Analogue circuits
  • Digital circuits
  • Electronic engineering principles and design
  • Computer engineering


Optoelectronics deals with interactions between light and electric fields, often the electric fields found in electronic devices. These electronic devices are having a huge impact on society and the way we carryout out everyday lives. For example, use of the Internet would not be possible without the use of date transmission through optical fibres.

Topics you may cover

You will learn about the different technologies associated with the optical transmission of data, including:

  • Photoelectronics: the study of electrons that are emitted from the surface of certain metals when exposed to specific forms of light.
  • Photoconductivity: the study of the electrically conductive effect that occurs when certain materials are exposed to specific forms of light.
  • Photoemissivity: studying how electrons are emitted from matter due to the absorption of energy coming from specific forms of light such as ultraviolet light.


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