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If you are interested in Education, but don’t want to be a teacher, then studying Education as an Arts subject might be the right choice for you.

Education can be studied two ways - either with the purpose of becoming a certified teacher, or for the purely academic study of Education.

In the academic study of Education, you will focus on philosophies and the history of education, with importance being placed on ensuring that children and adults become knowledgeable citizens. A course in Education gives you the knowledge and skills to understand and assess Education theory, practice and policy issues. 

There are many challenges facing the delivery of education in New Zealand. In particular, policy, funding and ways to incorporate indigenous education into the curriculum are in constant debate. Through studying Education, you will construct educated opinions on these topics, and learn the importance of curriculum and funding.

The importance of Education is immense. The quality of learning experienced at school greatly affects a student’s potential for the future. Therefore as a teacher or an academic studying the practice of teaching, you hold a vital role for the development of a prosperous generation. 

There is no more of an important job than being a teacher. Helping direct kids in the right direction and giving them sense of self worth, is the most important thing you can ever do for someone. 

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