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We possess a lot of information about the natural world – the problem lies in how we can put these theories into practice.

Ecology is the study of plants and animals in relation to each other and the external environment. It takes material from a number of different areas including Environmental Science, Biological Science, Marine Science and Geography.

Ecology studies the way various parts of the environment work in harmony to create a functioning ecosystem. You will look at the interactions between different organisms and their environments, and how the impact of one small intruder can upset the complete ecosystem.  You will also learn the importance of conservation and bio-security and the steps needed to take in order to insure these ecologies flourish.

With the human population exponentially increasing, it means there is a serious threat of exploitation of the world’s natural resources. This means habit destruction and a decline in biodiversity. This has serious implications, as everything in the natural world is interconnected. The extinction of one species always has a chain effect.

Careers for students studying Ecology could lead to the Department of Conservation or the Ministry for the Environment. Wherever you end up, you will be making a difference to the sustainability of life on earth.

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Research Associate

The majority of my time is spent collecting biological data, including; monitoring algae, cyanobacteria, fish and water quality in the... read more »