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Earth Sciences aims to understand the processes that mould our environment. This understanding spans through geological time to give us an in-depth understanding of the Earth’s Structures. Within the subject of Earth Sciences there are several fields of study – Geology, Geography, Geophysics, Soil Science, Oceanography and Atmospheric Sciences. Your studies will integrate these fields of study, giving you a broad knowledge of the Earth’s mineral, soil and water resources.

Topics you may cover

  • This subject includes learning the core theories associated within the fields of Earth Sciences as well as learning practical field and laboratory techniques.
  • You will learn about the properties of our natural resources, how they are utilised and exploited. You will look at how human activities impact the biological, chemical and physical properties of the Earth’s ecosystems.
  • You will learn field and laboratory techniques to classify and examine the natural phenomena on the Earth’s crust – e.g., rocks and minerals, plate tectonics, volcanoes, earthquakes, etc.
  • You will look at the processes and ecosystems that exist in ocean environments. This includes studying how land and soils are formed, erosion, weathering, glaciers etc.