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Planet Earth – learning the science behind how our world works could lead you to finding sustainable solutions to many of the planet’s problems.
Earth Science

An understanding of the Earth and its oceans is essential if we want to create a sustainable future through managing its natural resources. In addition, Earth Science helps us to predict and mediate natural disasters. The term ‘earth science’ is used to refer to all sciences related to the Earth. However, certain universities offer Earth Science as a major. This subject is concerned with understanding all of the processes that shape our environment, landscapes, geological resources and soils. 

Most importantly, you will learn the impact of climate change and the implications this will have for future generations. You will be challenged to come up with solutions to real world problems, while analysing various models of resource management.

 You will also study various ecosystems and the various elements that are needed to keep the environment working efficiently. Earth Science involves studying various sub-disciplines, including volcanology, oceanology, hydrology, land management and soil science. This will equip you with a holistic understanding of how the world works.

Postgraduate study in this field could lead you specialising in geology, geography, environmental science or geophysics.