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Whether it’s Kindergarten, Preschool, Montessori or Steiner, these are all forms of early childhood education. Now you may think that playing around with children all day certainly does not require any study – but you would be wrong. Today's children are the building blocks of tomorrow's generation and for that reason huge importance is placed on child development and care at such an early age. Children, families and the wider community all benefit from having access to high quality early childhood education as well as having well learned children.

Topics you may cover

  • Education: learn about the aim of education, child development, teaching and learning, assessment, the NZ education system and policy and contemporary issues in education.
  • Professional Practice and Inquiry: this will include a practical element whereby you will be learning practical teaching skills whilst assisting an experienced teacher in a classroom.
  • Curriculum Studies: gain knowledge on the current curriculum and the theory of teaching and skills required to teach the curriculum effectively.