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Early Childhood Education » Overview

Have a passion for childhood development or want to be a role model to the generations of tomorrow?
Early Childhood Education

The early years of a child’s life are the most critical for their lifelong development. You as a teacher of Early Childhood Education, will play a significant role in supporting families, parents and caregivers and building the foundations for successful growth.

Through learning how young children learn, becoming familiar with teaching techniques and how to manage a classroom, you will prepare yourself for a challenging and rewarding career. You will learn about the various different teaching styles that suit different types of personalities, and how to balance them in various environments. This will play a vital role in helping enhance the lives of our future generations.

New Zealand is a fast changing nation. Never have we been so rich in diversity than we are today. This means there is an open gap for teachers from various different backgrounds to enter the work force. Especially in shortage, is the need for Maori who can teach Te reo Māori, those with Pasifika backgrounds, and men. A range of teaches are required to match and understand the wide range of students New Zealand is experiencing.