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Trade-me and Amazon have taken New Zealand and the World by storm as leaders in trading and selling products and services online. Did you know that this is a form of e-Commerce?

Electronic Commerce refers to the ever-increasing medium of buying and selling goods and services over electronic systems. This generally refers to the Internet, but can include other computer networks. The study of e-Commerce looks at how it all works, why it works and where it is heading in the future.

It has become accepted that in the current knowledge economy, organisations must have electronic business systems at the forefront of their business strategy. There is a need for skilled and knowledgeable people to be driving these strategies, showing businesses how important it is to have departments striving for the goal of maximising sales. 

You will also study the possibilities for the future of e-commerce, and how these will affect traditional business systems. Legal issues and the ways legal systems will need to think of new ways of managing online commerce, will also be explored. With the world of e-commerce constantly changing, studying it will never get boring because there will always be new challenges to overcome.