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Whether Shortland Street or Shakespeare is your cup of tea, studying drama and theatre ensures that a written script comes to life when it’s performed.

Drama primarily involves training to be an actor in order to be able to portray someone else’s perspective on the world.  By learning to step into someone else’s shoes and look at the world through a new pair of eyes, you will learn to make a performance believable. There is both an academic and creative element of this study – not only acting but analysing text, writing and directing. 

Many courses on offer don’t just teach you about learning to act, but to study the history of plays and literature. By deconstructing plays and scripts, it allows you to appreciate the pacing and context when performing. You will analyse the historical context of scripts and understand how scripts are a reflection of people, time and place. This will allow you to portray characters and themes more effectively when performing.

You will also learn about the format of different mediums, from Shakespearean plays, to short films, to motion pictures. All of this in turn will provide you with the necessary tools and knowledge to go onto being a successful actor, writer, or director.