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Digital Media Design » Overview

With the public spending increasing amounts of time on ever-improving forms of digital technology, Digital Media Design may be just the thing to study in order to keep up with the play.
Digital Media Design

Digital media technology has significantly affected how we spend our free time and the ways in which we interact with each other. Digital Media Design looks at the different ways people interact with one another using digital technology. This includes experiences over the internet, visual and audio communication, gaming, augmented reality and portable computing

Digital media incorporates a wide range of mediums, including animation, digital video, interface design and interactive media construction. You will learn how to communicate successfully across these platforms, to a wide audience.

The great thing about studying Digital Media Design is that your course work will challenge you to find solutions to real world problems. The world of digital media is constantly changing, so the industry is always looking for young innovative minds to offer new insight. The industry never gets boring, as you will constantly be facing new challenges if you choose to follow this career path. 



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