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Craft courses offer a ‘taste-test’ of the areas within the field.

Craft courses offer a taste-test of the areas within the field. Craft courses can cover various elements of art including glass art, jewellery construction, metalwork and textiles. They are ideal for people with creative abilities, who enjoy hands on learning.

Once you have successfully completed a Craft course you will have a theoretical and practical understanding of a wide range of visual arts practices. Courses are especially suited to those of you who might want to complete a degree in Visual Arts in the future, but are unsure in which area.

Alternatively, maybe you already have professional, or academic experience in Craft, but would like to brush up on your skills within a formal learning environment. In any case, Craft courses will give you an overview of artistic capabilities in art and craft skills.

Excelling in a Craft course can lead into various careers. People who study craft can end up as professional artists, sculptors or jewellers. Being in this industry can result in a highly rewarding career, where there is the potential to live off selling your art.