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Do you enjoy helping others?

The fundamental goal of Counselling is to enhance the psychological wellbeing of the client. However, people seek help through counselling for an infinite number of reasons. This means that the process of counselling is different for everyone. It is for this reason that the subject of Counselling is difficult to define. In studying Counselling at tertiary level, you will learn the theory and techniques you will need to be a professional counsellor. 

Studying Counselling involves studying the history of psychology, and the various forms of counselling in the world. Counselling involves learning how to build relationships and participate in active listening so the patient feels comfortable enough to open up to you.

You will also learn how to deal appropriately with ethical dilemmas and the rights and responsibilities you hold under the law as a counsellor. To study counselling you need to be self reflective and aware of your own background. You own experiences will subconsciously impact the ways you help and react to patient problems.