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Computer science is about learning the skills to be able to systematically describe and transform information so you can help people do their work efficiently and effectively. You will learn about how computers and computer systems work, how computers manage information, the limits of computers (which are being extended everyday) and the application of computers in the real world. Computers are becoming more apparent in our everyday life but are essential in fields such as education, commerce, and medicine and engineering.

An ability to appreciate and use computers effectively and creatively will greatly improve your value to almost every employer or even if you are self employed. The study of Computer Science also involves logical thinking, problem solving, thought and analytical skills – all useful life skills that can be adapted to many situations and many different careers. Computers are so widely used these days that even basic computer skills will make you more effective in your work.

Topics you may cover

  • Artificial Intelligence: building computer systems to match or exceed the capabilities of the human brain.
  • Games and multimedia: this is an area that has had significant growth and with the combination of computer science education and art and creativity a lot of young and fresh students desire a career in this area.
  • Internet Applications: enables students to use and understand software from building individual websites to being able to identify the number of people visiting a website. 
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