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It is hard to deny the fact that computers are an essential part of our day to day lives. So how do you want to be involved in the ever increasing phenomena?
Computer Science

Computer Science is the study of all the different elements of the computer system from the theoretical foundations, to designing and implementing a software system. You will study a wide range of subjects from logic, logarithms and networking to how computers are programmed and designed.  There are just so many elements to Computer Science, some favourites of students are: software engineering, computer security and forensics, graphics, performance evaluation and artificial intelligence. 

Computer Science incorporates a range of other disciplines including programming, maths, engineering and linguistics. There are also various specialities you can go into such as website design, algorithm creation and data management.

Those who choose a career in Computer Science often find it very rewarding as the industry is always changing. Studying Computer Science involves thinking creatively and innovatively. With a rapidly changing market, companies are always looking for innovative Computer Science graduates to join their team and provide them with fresh perspectives and ideas. 


Check out what studying Computer Science at Victoria University of Wellington could look like: 


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Engineering and Computer Science graduate

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