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Computer Graphics (Design) » Overview

Computer graphics is an exciting and rapidly developing industry

Computer graphics is an exciting and rapidly developing industry with countless opportunities for careers working in television and films, computer games, medical imaging, virtual and augmented reality, data visualisation and much more. Whether it is creating new visual effects that enrich our visual experience or creating photorealistic renderings of created scenes, computer graphics is critical to these fields.

Computer graphics is a large and sophisticated field combining art and computer science, to create animated movies that are practically indistinguishable from reality and artificial worlds that we can interact with in real time, for both entertainment and simulation. We can use it to visualise enormous quantities of scientific or medical data. These visualisation can help us make quick, accurate judgements because a visual representation fits with our natural abilities.

To have a career in computer graphics you need to learn the principles and practice of the technology behind the software, including how we get computers to do 2D and 3D modelling, rendering, lighting, texturing, ray tracing, and animation. At Victoria University, Computer graphics is taught within a Bachelor degree such as a Bachelor of Science majoring in Computer Graphics.