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Communicating the right message in the right way is crucial in modern organisations. Expressing yourself, or your company effectively, has become especially important in the digital age, where your message has the power to reach billions at a time.

There is no better a time to study Communications. Many professionals are noting that there is a current lack of professionals skilled in the area of Communications. These skills are vital to the success of all businesses because it enables the efficient and effective communication of information both internally and externally. Joining this field means there is never a dull moment, as everyday someone is designing a new way for people to communicate.

Communications involves learning appropriate oral and written communication skills for professional settings. It looks at the ways that information is created, managed, distributed and finally- interpreted. Whether it’s Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you will learn how to communicate and market messages through a wide range of platforms.

Communications incorporates a wide range of disciplines from marketing and management to psychology and media. Therefore, there are various things you can specialise in under communications including, television, public relations, radio and journalism. Although majors are varied, they all have one thing in common. You will learn the power of great storytelling in order to communicate an idea or message that people will want to listen to.

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