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Commercial Painting » Overview

If you’re looking for a trade with an artistic side, Commercial Painting could be for you.
Commercial Painting

A qualification in Painting will prepare you to enter into the field of commercial painting. You will learn the technical and practical skills in various different areas associated with the trade, such as scaffolding, planning and paint application.

Painting is more than slapping a coat on a building and hoping it sticks. Learning the right technique to prepare, prime and then finally paint, is vital in making sure that the paint will withstand the elements. Every different type of surface needs to be treated differently. The right techniques therefore, need to be identified and used to allow for the best possible finish.

Commercial Painters meet with clients to identify their needs and discuss potential materials. Commercial Painters don’t just paint plain surfaces, but sometimes get to be creative and paint pictures and murals for commercial businesses or public spaces. Commercial Painting can be highly rewarding as you literally get to make your mark on the world every day.