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Clothing and Textile Sciences » Overview

Study the art of clothing and materials - concept, design and production are all fundamental elements of Clothing and Textile Sciences.
Clothing and Textile Sciences

Clothing and materials are essential to human daily life. Clothing helps to protect us from the cold, shield us from the sun and also lets us communicate who we are. Clothing and Textile Sciences looks at clothing and textile production and distribution industries from the initial design concept, to the end product. 

Studying Clothing and textile science you will learn how to construct garments, how to design patterns and about the history of fashion. You will learn about the construction of materials from the weaving of fibres in cloth to the leather making process.

The best thing about Clothing and Textiles is that it’s hands on. You will learn about the theoretical processes behind garment construction, while you construct your own. This is ideal for people who are both creative and interested in the way things are made. There are many career opportunities for students equipped with a degree in Clothing and Textiles, and with many New Zealand designers making a name for themselves overseas, it is an exciting industry to be a part of.