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Civil Engineering » Overview

The road you drive on, the dams that supply water and the buildings you study in, are all products of Civil Engineering.
Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is the study of designing and constructing major projects including infrastructure for buildings and roads, pipe works, and treatment plants. Civil Engineering ensures that society is provided with a dependable, safe and maintainable modern environment. Calculating how to do this involves using core concepts of maths and science being applied to different situations. From calculating the maximum weight a bridge can hold, to organising the structure of a sewerage system a Civil Engineer does it all.

Not only do Civil Engineers oversee the development of everyday structures, but hold the responsibility of making sure a city can withstand the impact of an earthquake, flood or any other natural disaster. Living in earthquake prone New Zealand, Civil Engineers here need to think creatively when it comes to designing new infrastructure. 

Civil Engineering also involves learning about what it means to be a good project manager. Students suitable to these roles will have learnt good leadership skills and will be able manage workers and construction plans. 

Most Universities that offer engineering incorporate a compulsory amount of work hours into their courses. This means taking on an internship in a relevant engineering firm in order to complete your degree. Not only does this give you practical experience, but it allows you to apply the theories you are learning in class to real world problems.

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