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Learning Chinese in its most modern form will assist you in a fast becoming multi-cultural society and with international career opportunities.

The study of the Chinese language involves learning to speak, read and write Chinese in its most modern form - Mandarin. Not only is the language important because of the increasingly large amount of trade New Zealand is having with China, but New Zealand is also fast becoming a multi-cultural society and home to many whose first language is Mandarin. 

Mandarin is a highly useful language as it is spoken by approximately one fifth of the world’s population. Not only does learning the language enable you to engross yourself in another culture but it will extend your career horizons. Studying Chinese is not just about learning the language, but involves learning China’s fascinating history, culture, politics and people.

If you’re looking into getting into international business, many companies will hire candidates that are bilingual. As over 1 billion people worldwide speak Chinese your opportunities will be increased significantly and doors will open for you.