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Do you enjoy looking after children?

Studying Childcare will give you valuable insight on the stages of development children go through growing up. As a future childcare professional, you will be responsible for caring for children while their parents are busy with work, or attending to other commitments. Therefore, in a Childcare course you can expect to learn about how to keep children safe at different stages in their development.

You will also learn about different stages of physical and mental development and the types of games and activities that will stimulate young minds.  Many New Zealand courses offer cultural specific elements, so you will be well equipped with a cultural understanding, which will help you to manage children from various parenting styles. You will learn how to create meaningful relationships with both the child and parent, which will in turn aid in successful child development.

You will also learn how to deal with both physical and ethical dilemmas that may face you and the family you are placed with, so that everyone sees the best possible outcome.  Studying Childcare puts you on the road to a very rewarding career.