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Through the study of chemical and process engineering you will be combining both chemistry and engineering concepts to help solve some of the most prevalent and topical issues impacting the world in which we live. Looking at issues of pollution and new ways to meet the demands of energy sources could be ways in which the future chemical engineers make their mark on history.

Chemical and process engineers design, manage and optimise processes for adding value to raw materials. As well as the process of turning wood to paper products and oil into petrol they also consider the improvement of processes in order to minimise inefficiencies (i.e. pollutants and waste), while also developing a range of wider skills around commercial awareness, and sound communication and management skills. 

Topics you may cover

  • Chemical reaction engineering: how engineers should be managing plant processes and conditions to ensure that plants are operating optimally.
  • Plant and process design: understanding how constraints such as funding, government regulations and safety standards can impact a plants choice of process, materials and equipment. Also studying the conversion of materials by biochemical, theromochemical and other means. 
Medium_ben_foote Ben Foote
Chemical and Process Engineer

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Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Chemical and Process Engineering

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Manufacturing Intern

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