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Knowledge is power. Give yourself an edge over your competition and broaden your understanding of how business works.
Business Studies

Business Studies courses will leave you with a firm understanding of the business environment. Courses usually give an overview of many of the core business skills such as accounting, banking, finance, management and commercial law. However, many courses usually allow you to tailor your courses to suit your passion as you progress throughout your study. In this sense, you will still gain a comprehensive understanding of how business works, but the content of what you learn will be geared toward one discipline. For example, you may learn about how accounting, commercial law and employment are relevant to management, if management is your chosen direction. 


Check out what studying Business at Victoria University could look like: 


Medium_professional_photo Lucy Owen

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Medium_vic-cs4 Kallie French
Bachelor of Commerce with Honours in Marketing

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Medium_screen_shot_2013-05-30_at_9.30.36_am Natalie Alfonso
Business Student

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