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Building Science » Overview

Help solve social, environmental and construction related issues such as developing safer more sustainable buildings, by studying Building Science.
Building Science

Building science is the study of knowledge that focuses on the analysis and control of the environmental elements that affect buildings of all kinds. By understanding these external elements, building performance can be optimised and building failures prevented. As a Building Scientist you will aid in providing a healthier, safer and a more sustainably built environment.

A course in Building Science can lead onto many fields of work. Students who have completed Building Science courses have gone on to work as architects, in construction or in sustainability roles. Building Science doesn’t just deal with the practical elements of construction but with theoretical issues -such as the effects of infrastructure on the environment, building conservation and exploring energy efficient construction alternatives.

A degree in Building Science equips you with the knowledge to pursue further study if you’d like to extend your learning. Students may further their understanding of architecture, sustainability or the transferral of moisture and heat in specific building materials. The opportunities for Building Science students are vast.