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If you love working with your hands and take satisfaction in seeing through projects from start to finish, Building and Construction courses may be just your thing!
Building and Construction

Building and Construction courses will leave you with a firm understanding of the building industry and construction methods. You will learn about the construction process from start to finish. This includes learning the ability to read and understand building plans, determining the correct methods and techniques needed to turn make those plans a reality, as well as learning how to actually carry out those techniques. As you might imagine, courses tend to be very hands-on. After all, construction is a trade!

Medium_sc2 Allan Charteris
Crane Operator

While going from clothing design to crane driving may seem an unlikely career path, there are more crossover skills than you might expect, says... read more »

Medium_screen_shot_2013-07-18_at_9.12.33_am Brad Sheaf
Construction Student

Study Related Questions   What did you study? Certificate in Building Level 4 at NZMA Why did you choose this... read more »

Medium_logo_fb Creslida Cross
Quantity Surveyor

I was in my second year of a Bachelor of Construction at Massey University, when I got the opportunity to join the trainee programme. The role... read more »