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Biology is a subject that is always progressing and if you are someone who loves a challenge, and thrive on helping provide solutions to some of the world’s most contentious issues, then this may be the subject for you. You only have to look over the last few decades to understand how the study of Biology has had a significant impact on the way we live modern life.

Thanks to the study of Biology we are now able to produce vaccines and antibiotics to combat some of the world’s most widespread disease. We are also able to transplant organs between organisms and manipulate the current genetic make-up of organisms.

If you study Biology currently the profession is working towards researching solutions to efficiently increasing the world food supply, combating disease and most importantly global climate change and how this affects the living world. By understanding how micro-organisms, plants and animals function and how they interact with each other as well as the land and sea this will help the modern world find solutions to some of the more complex issues hindering the continuance of our existence.

Topics you may cover

  • Cell Biology: studies the structure and function of cells including their development and division through use of bacteria, plants and animals as examples.
  • Biology of Organisms: introduces the structure and function of plants and animals and the principles of ecology including nutrient procurement, gaseous exchange, the regulation of body fluids, reproduction and development.
  • Genetics: forming a base understanding of chromosomes, genes and DNA including the process of heredity and the mechanisms by which genetic information is transmitted and expressed in animals, plants and micro-organisms.
  • Evolution: understanding of evolutionary theory and the role it has played in answering key questions and its importance inn everyday life. 
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