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Get out your miscroscopes and take a look at biochemistry in action - one of the fastest growing areas of science in the 21st century!

Biochemistry is essentially the study of living things, but at its most primal level -molecules. Studying Biochemistry, you will study the chemical compounds that makeup every living thing, and learn how they interact and are passed on to the next generation.

You will learn about proteins, lipids, carbohydrates and nucleic acids, which are the primary molecules of life. Once you have grasped an understanding of these fundamental building blocks, your knowledge of the way living things work will only grow.

Biochemistry is a rapidly changing science and combines a number of fields of science, not surprisingly primarily- Chemistry and Biology. Biochemistry is a laboratory science. It looks at the molecules essential to life, and how these molecules interact in healthy and unhealthy organisms.  It also gives us insight into biological processes such as the actions of drugs and genetic engineering. 

Being interdisciplinary, it interweaves with subjects such as genetics, nutrition, pharmacology, physiology and microbiology. Studying Biochemistry will equip you with a wide range of knowledge that will allow to you understand life, and life’s adaptation to the environment over time.

To get into biochemistry you’ll ideally need to be studying chemistry and biology at school.  So don’t forget to listen hard in class.