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It's Superman, no.... It's a a bird, no.... It's a plane! Set your sights high - start a career in Aviation and learn to fly!

It is a long journey to become a pilot licensed to fly commercial or passenger aircrafts. You must learn the theory of flying, aviation laws and regulations, as well as learning the practical skills of how to actually fly an aircraft. A degree in Aviation integrates all of these components. You will learn the path you need to take you get to you to your chosen career. Whether you want to fly helicopters, become an agricultural pilot, fly chartered flights in tourism, or fly large passenger planes. 

Related to the field of Aviation, Aviation Management looks at the decisions regarding the arrival, departure and delay of all planes under their watch.

Medium_annika_wallin Annika Wallin
Flight Instructor

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Medium_kyhala_miller Kyhala Miller
Helicopter Pilot

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Medium_dscf0383 David Hansen
Air Traffic Controller

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