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Automotive Engineering » Overview

Like fast cars, enjoy problem-solving and hands-on learning? Then automotive engineering may be just the degree for you.
Automotive Engineering

As the number of cars on our roads grow, so too does the need for Automotive Engineers. A tertiary education in Automotive Engineering will set you up with the skills and knowledge you will need to work in the automotive electrical and mechanical industry. Courses involve a lot of hands-on learning. In fact, it is reasonable to assume that a large part of your studies and assessment will be based on the practical application of the techniques that you have learned.

Automotive Engineers work in conjunction with the design, research and development and production team. Together, everyone problem solves to test and develop automobiles to get them equipped for a market standard.

Studying Automotive Engineering extends further from just the physical automobile. You will learn about international market trends and how they impact New Zealand’s automotive industry. Many courses also touch on sustainability management and innovations in clean energy options for vehicle. 

Medium_screen_shot_2015-08-13_at_1.55.02_pm Rachel Maxwell
Apprentice Mechanic/Technician

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Medium_new-toyota-logo-schoolconnect Logan Drysdale
Apprentice Technician

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