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As a student studying Art History you will be taught to research independently, write effectively and think critically. You will not just learn about artists and their works of art you will also consider them as a product of a particular social and cultural situation in which they were – looking beyond the materials in which they were and understanding why they were made.

You are likely to learn about different eras of art such as

  • The Renaissance 1400-1600
  • The Baroque 1600-1750
  • Art in the Pacific
  • Modernism
  • Neoclassicism

In doing so, you will examine the artisitc styles that are associated with each era, as well as the artistic format that there styles are applied to such as Photography, Painting, Sculpture and Ceramics.

If you are interested in a particuar period, or style of art, you may want to look at individual tertiary websites, to see which course best covers your interests.