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Architects need to be able to do more than merely build a structure and wider considerations need to be taken when looking at the space and desired ambience. A client will have specifics around the function of the building, the technical requirements and the visual appearance of the building and all of this need to be considered in conjunction with the available materials and budget. There are conflicting challenges and during students study they will gain the skills and knowledge to be able to address these and apply to practical situations. Architecture is a very broad subject and there is the potential to head in many directions.

Topics you may cover

  • The history behind the current environment in which we inhabit
  • Sustainability: with the rate of growth of the world and the limited resources there is the increasing demand for sustainable design solutions
  • The impact that humans and buildings have on the environment
  • Techniques for structures and construction 
Medium_maddie Madeleine Clarke
Architecture Student

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