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Taking an Arboriculture course will leave you with an understanding of the industry and the techniques and tools of the trade. You will also learn how to identify plants in health and ill health. As an arborist, it will be your job to identify diseased plants and make the call whether they can be treated, or if they are beyond saving. In either case, it will be up to you to decide how to proceed. Though we usually think of trees when we think of arboriculture, arborists also have knowledge in shrubs and vines. Essentially, your courses are likely to involve a lot of practical and technical work that is back up by theory-based learning.

Arboriculture can be quite laborious; therefore, it requires individuals who are reasonably fit and active and not afraid of heights!

Topics you may cover

  • Pruning and felling
  • Transplanting
  • Diagnosing and treating of pests/disease
  • Hazard management 
Medium_df2904889fdf785b15aeba236dfb5d14 George Youngman
Garden Nursery Advisor

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Medium_mt218642 Julian Emeny
Team Manager Arboriculture

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Medium_chrissy_spence_arborist Chrissy Spence

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