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Tree-hugger? In some ways, this term can apply to the work of an arborist. Arborists care for and maintain trees from planting through to maturity.

Arboriculture refers to the care and maintenance of trees. There’s a lot more to arboriculture than meets the eye. Arboriculturists don’t just specialise in pruning and planting but the diagnosis and treatment of unhealthy trees.

Arboriculture is seen as both a skill and a science. A research grounded method of tree care is combined with a crafted skills and the latest technology. Many degrees will involve theory with hands on experience, so you get to apply the knowledge you learn as you go.

The skills of an Arborist are relevant to a number of different industries. For example, you may find yourself working in New Zealand’s parks and national forests. Alternatively, you may find yourself working with key service providers, felling and pruning trees around power lines, for example.

Wherever you end up in the field, you can be sure that your Arboriculture qualification will make you stand out above the crowd. 

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