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New Zealand has strong cultural ties with the Ocean. In addition, the ocean accounts for a large proportion of our food and trade. As fish numbers decline globally, our extensive coastline and relatively unpolluted waters highlight the Aquaculture and Fisheries development potential of New Zealand.

The two key concepts include

  • Fishing and Fisheries: a fishery is an organised effort to catch either fish or other aquatic species. You will learn about the dangers of overfishing and how fisheries can be better understood and managed.
  • Aquaculture: aquaculture is the aquatic version of agriculture. It looks at the production of aquatic species on land and sea-based farms.  This looks to sustain the fishing industry and solve the problem of overfishing fish in the wild. The Aquaculture industry has expanded rapidly in New Zealand with salmon and mussel farms. 
Medium_daniel_huatai_deckhand_and_at-sea_seafood_processor Daniel Huatahi
At-Sea Seafood Processor

Daniel Huatahi has been working onboard the deep-sea fishing boat Columbia for a year and a half. He was working as a painter when his best... read more »

Medium_paul_scott_fishing_skipper Paul Scott
Fishing Skipper

“It’s a challenging lifestyle on these old boats, you’ve got to keep them alive and keep your crew alive – you really... read more »

Medium_mt154639 Gary McAneny
Fishery officer

"I've always been a keen fisherman and diver, so I decided that I’d get into the commercial fishing industry. I had some contact... read more »