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Aquaculture and Fisheries » Overview

New Zealand has a strong tie to the ocean, stemming right back to the Maori legend where Maui fished the north island up out of the sea with his magic fish hook.
Aquaculture and Fisheries

The fishing industry is one of the largest industries in New Zealand. The market for seafood is huge - unfortunately the number of fish in our oceans is declining due to the impacts of overfishing and pollution. 

The subject of Aquaculture and Fisheries is concerned with the sustainability of fishing and fisheries. Aquaculture is the ocean equivalent to the discipline Agriculture. Aquaculture looks at the ways that aquatic species such as salmon and mussels can be ‘farmed’ and Fisheries looks at how organised fishing efforts can be better managed. New Zealand has seen a massive development in the Aquaculture sector over the past years. The industry has implemented the development and production of sea-cage salmon and green-lip mussels.

New Zealand has an extensive coastline and economic fishing zone, which has lead to our seafood exports ranking continuously in the top four or five of New Zealand’s top exports. Because our waters are such a valuable asset to our country, studying Aquaculture and Fisheries means being a part of an industry that effects every New Zealander. 

Medium_daniel_huatai_deckhand_and_at-sea_seafood_processor Daniel Huatahi
At-Sea Seafood Processor

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Fishery officer

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Medium_brandon_holt_marine_farm_worker Brandon Holt
Marine Farm Worker

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