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Animation courses are designed to prepare you for a future in animation or digital video production. It is important to make note of what kinds of animation courses cover – 2D or 3D. To be honest, most Animation courses relate specifically to 3D animation. If you are interested in 2D animation, you may have more study options with a major in Visual Arts.

Animation courses usually cover all of the essential skills in 3D computer graphics and animation production. You are likely to cover basic training exercises, which will progress in complexity throughout the course of your study.

Topics you may cover

  • Image manipulation: learn how to capture, edit, create and manipulate images
  • Design: learn about the principles of design and the design process
  • 3D modelling: surface, light, texture of hard body and organic 3D forms
  • 3D animation
  • Video post production: editing and motion graphics
  • Audio post production: record voice-overs and edit music and voice tracks 
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