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Animation has come a long way from the days when we used to draw stick figures on our refill pads and make flipbook cartoons.

Although animation has come a long way, the essence of it still relies firstly on the construction of a single static image or sculpture. The art of animation has progressed rapidly in recent decades mainly because of the development of new technologies.

Much of the 2D and 3D animation that we see today is created with the use of computer. This allows for animations to look more lifelike, and at the same time can be less time consuming to create. Many of the specialised Animation courses at tertiary level involve 3D animation -the current trend in the world of animation. Studying animation also involves learning about how to create special effects in films and creating other moving cinematic graphics.

A degree or diploma in Animation will appeal to those who have a passion for drawing or moving image. A career in Animation involves working in an exciting and rewarding industry, where you could one-day end up working with the stars in Hollywood. 

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