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If you’re an animal lover, Animal Care may be just your cup of tea! Learn about the specific needs of animals and the ways that you can provide those needs.
Animal Care

Where Animal Behaviour is concerned with the scientific study of everything that animals do, Animal Care looks at the needs of animals with the intention of caring for and providing these needs. As you might imagine, Animal Care courses are very hands on – you will be learning how to behave around all sorts of animals and how best to handle their specific requirements

However, this is not to say that your study will not involve a fair amount of theoretical learning. In order to be able to care for animal, you must have an in-depth understanding in areas such as animal health and anatomy.

Animal care covers all types of care from behaviour and handling to health and hygiene. On completion of studying Animal Care, you will be able to identify what components make up a perfect pet. You will also be able to care for a variety of animals in different situations –including, clinics, pet shops and groomers.