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If you've ever wondered what the human body is made of, you may find the study of Anatomy interesting. Essentially, Anatomy looks at the structures inside living organisms, and how these structures interact.

Anatomy combines aspects of biology and medicine to examine the structure of living bodies – both human and animal. This examination occurs both at a visible level and at microscopic levels using the latest technologies. This subject looks at understanding the relationship between the structure of organs and cells and the functions they perform. 

Macroscopic Anatomy includes studying the parts of an animal’s or human’s body that can be observed solely by the naked eye. This includes things such as basic bone structure and organ functioning.

Microscopic Anatomy on the other hand, includes parts of the Anatomy that can only be studies with the use of optical instruments. This type of anatomy takes macroscopic anatomy one-step further, observing things like tissue growth and cell construction. Anatomy is highly rewarding, as you will come to understand the way you function. Many who’ve studied Anatomy say they learn to have a greater respect for their human body, and in turn make sure they treat it right with the right nutrients and conditions for growth.